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becc agency listed in the top 10 highest-earning Corporate Design agencies

In the annual PAGE ranking of the top-earning Corporate Design and Identity agencies, becc agency has been awarded seventh place, having moved up two spots from the previous year.


The ranking is available as a free download, here.



Made in Germany is no longer enough

The Chinese market is developing more and more from a pure sales market into a real competitor for European and German brands. Relying on the quality factor alone is therefore no longer enough. Leif Geuder reports in Markenartikel magazine on the aspects that are crucial for brand management abroad, and in particular on the Chinese market.


Markenartikel, issue 1-2/2015, p. 24-26



A stand with history

display reports that the history and development of the MINI brand can now be discovered in BMW Welt by means of a typical English newspaper stand. becc agency and MINI use interactive elements such as XXL newspapers and touch screens to make the brand into a tangible and visual experience.


display, issue 1/2015, p. 4


stores + shops

Learning from lifestyle

The traditional car dealership has to become an experience that offers the customer more: Leif Geuder gives his views in stores + shops magazine about the future of the modern car dealership and the importance of new retail formats.


stores + shops, issue 6/2014, p. 38


m+a Report

A little more of everything

Leif Geuder explains in an interview with m+a Report magazine why German exhibitors at Chinese trade shows should not hold back and also which features are vital in the Middle Kingdom.


m+a Report, issue 8/2014, p. 38-41


POS kompakt

Munich agency becc showcases the new ŠKODA Fabia as a car full of character

Minimal stand architecture as a backdrop for the individuality of the new ŠKODA Fabia – POS kompakt reports how becc presents ŠKODA as a solution for modern urban challenges at the Paris Motor Show, giving both the brand and the model an emotive, personal profile.


POS kompakt, issue 7/2014, p. 48


new business Online

becc stages ŠKODA at international automobile shows.

The Czech automobile manufacturer and the brand agency from Munich have been working together for several years. new business Online reports about becc’s allround-service for the ŠKODA brand at the A-fairs in 2015 and 2016.

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becc and ŠKODA perform together at A-automobile shows around the globe.

Horizont reports about the extension and expansion of the cooperation between ŠKODA and becc. The journal does not only pay attention to the size of the budget but also to the agency’s range of services.


Horizont, issue 27/2014, p.8


In dialogue with BMW.

Brands today want to be actively experienced. In eventmanager magazine, you can read all about how becc showcases the BMW brand in the Brand Store Brussels, responding to changing customer needs with modern architecture and communications concepts. 

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new business online

Seeing BMW in a whole new light.

An advanced architectural language, fascinating showcases and multi-sensory displays: new business online reports on the realisation of the new BMW Brand Store Brussels in collaboration with becc.

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Markenartikel Magazine Online

The new BMW showcase in Brussels.

The traditional Bavarian company now boasts a spectacular presence in the Belgian capital. Markenartikel magazine reports on the fascinating architecture and communications concept that BMW, working alongside the becc agency, realised for the Brand Store Brussels. 

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A new platform for BMW.

BMW, working together with the becc agency, designed the new Brand Store Brussels. Kontakter reports on how modern and interactive the brand showcase is. 


Kontakter, issue 22/2014, p. 12



Actively and skilfully conquering the Chinese market.

events journal reports on the boom in the Chinese car market and asks the becc agency what strategies can be used to make brands a success in China. 


events, issue 2/2014, p. 48f


Western brands can increase their sales opportunities in China

The European automotive industry can also benefit from the Chinese economic boom – as long as they stick to a few rules. Which rules? becc spills the beans on

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Successful branding in China.

w&v reports on the world premiere of the Daimler “Denza” at Auto China 2014. And on what European brands need to bear in mind if they want to be successful in China: three theses from becc on a successful brand presence.

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